Sage Manufacturing

Automate your manufacturing process

AutoSimply Manufacturing solutions help automate your manufacturing process in simple and practical ways.

Designed exclusively for Sage 300, the AutoSimply Manufacturing solutions integrate into your ERP system with familiar business process flows, making use of data in Inventory Control (I/C), Purchase Order (P/O) and Order Entry (O/E).




Sage Manufacturing - Modules

Manufacturing Order  Designed for small to medium-size enterprises, Manufacturing Order enables an efficient production flow covering manufacturing orders, work in process, routing cost calculation, material consumption, material scrap and item substitution and order closeout.

         • Super-charged BOM structure
         • Increased accuracy of production cost calculation
         • Operation-based transactions
         • Easier monitoring of WIP
         • Back flushing 
         • Kanban
         • I/C stock balance and history
         • Serialized inventory and lot tracking


Production Planning As a production scheduling and materials requirement planning solution, Production Planning generates full scale MPS and MRP plans based on manufacturing and BOM information, as well as sales, stock and utilization analysis.


Key Features 

        • Seamless Sage 300 and Manufacturing integration

        • Realistic plans with flexible parameters

        • User defined location networks

        • Plan by buyers/planners

        • Net of Change planning run

            • Automatic generation of manufacturing orders and requisitions




Shop Floor Control  records detailed production data from material issuance to the finished goods being produced by recording time and shop transactions during production process for efficiency and utilization analysis


Key Features 

        • Measure production efficiency with time entries

        • Operator/shift

        • Analyse utilization

        • Automatic WIP consumption

        • Optional resource cost allocation


Quality Control Many business require inspection of incoming and manufactured goods. Quality Control automatically puts stock in quarantine for inspection, assign testers, track testing results and acceptance and rejection reasons, and move stock to the intended warehouse location once accepted.


Key Features 

        • Automatic quarantine of stock for quality control

        • Visibility of quality control results

        • Complete quality control results

        • Analyse quality data


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Sage Manufacturing

Automate your manufacturing process

AutoSimply Manufacturing solutions help automate your manufacturing process in simple and practical ways.

Designed exclusively for Sage 300, the AutoSimply Manufacturing solutions integrate into your ERP system with familiar business process flows, making use of data in Inventory Control (I/C), Purchase Order (P/O) and Order Entry (O/E).