Sage X3 Project Management

Gain real-time visibility into all manufacturing
projects from initial design through completion

Sage X3 Project Management supports all stages of your project - from initiation and quoting to planning and completion.       Designed for project-based companies within the manufacturing and service industries. Sage X3 Project Management provides increased visibility and improved control throughout the entire project lifecycle. It provides your business with the ability to monitor budgets and expenses of each project, at the task level, to ensure efficient fiscal management and transparency. The seamless integration of Sage X3 Project Management not only contributes to effective cost management and swift tracking of task level inefficiencies, it also helps to improve your customers' satisfaction by ensuring that you deliver their goods or services on-time, every time.

Key benefits for your business:
  • Increase on-time project completion
  • Improve profitability and customer satisfaction
  • Optimize use of valuable personnel and equipment
  • Increase visibility and control over project costs
  • Decrease project management costs and inefficiencies
  • Improve accuracy of service-based estimates and quotes

Key Features

Seamless integration into all Sage X3 processes (Project link with quote, purchasing, sales, work order and MRP)
Multi-level task structure with the ability to add additional materials and/or track labor at each task level
Project Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) Multi-level budget development, allowing budgets to be grouped or assigned specifically at any task level.
Ability to assign employees to a project and track their labor at the task level.
Ability to copy pre-existing projects or create project templates
Multiple financial queries developed to monitor the budget and expenses of projects
Ability to link miscellaneous expenses directly with the project at a task level.
Automation of project sales quotes, orders, and invoices using pre-defined saleable products or services.

Sage X3 Project Management is available with Sage X3 version 11. For questions or additional details, please contact your local Sage colleague and/or authorized Sage business partner.

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